Master Certification Cancelled MCM MCSM MCA

In a bizarre move it appears that the master program is no more. Following an email that we all received Friday it seems that someone at Microsoft has decided that it would be best to replace all master level certification with er nothing.

“As technology changes so do Microsoft certifications and as such, we are continuing to evolve the Microsoft certification program. “

“…retiring the Masters level certification exams as of October 1, 2013.”

I suspect that a previous conversation went something along the lines of… 

P1: Hey, lets re-brand MCM to MCSM

P2: Muh. What for?

P1: Because everything was so much cooler with the old certification names, and besides people still ask for stuff like MCDBA so lets bring it back . Retro is cool.

P2: Well yeah that is true and it would make peoples email signatures longer. People love long email sigs. But wont people get annoyed if we pull the rug out from under them as the MCM stuff has only recently got real traction?

P1: Nah we will be fine, as long as we tell them there is an upgrade path. Besides its only an additional letter look MCSM.

Now we all grumbled that someone had decided that renaming everything was a good idea. Sure it was annoying but it seemed to make a slither of sense to bring the certs back to what a lot of the industry still seemed to remember.

“Do you have an MCDBA?”

“No I don’t have an MCDBA. I have an MCM”

“Well they are really looking for someone with a MCDBA” …uh they are looking for someone with a retired qualification..oh the bitter irony.

Roll forward …

P1: Accounts are saying I have to save as much $ as I can so I was thinking that additional S we added needs to go.

P2: oh, so shall we get rid of it? and revert to the old names? We could tell them it was an April fool or something? or perhaps the new dude did it, and we fired them now? No wait we could say it was the guy who is leaving! Retro sucks anyway, its old. We need new, well old new.

P1: All good ideas, but what I was thinking was just doing away with the whole thing if we keep the lower level stuff, no one will miss the pinnacle. Hey there aren’t loads of people that even attempt to do it, so we will only annoy a few people. Keep the mountain, destroy the summit. We could bury the email on Friday and it will probably have all died down by next week.

So a brief summary:

  1. Build the Master level certification program so that it is highly recognizable and respected.
  2. Go thru bizarre re-brand getting rid of the certifications everyone was getting used to.
  3. Napalm, slash and burn it all..

Let me say I have the utmost respect for the people who work for MS and I am obviously in no way suggesting these conversations actually happened. I just feel some one has dropped the ball on this, unfortunately it is a bowling ball thru a plate glass table.

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