Re-moving my blog

End of Life for the Blog

I started my blog on the 1st March 2011 and after 4 Months I have decided to stop and reconsider before it is too late. lol. Well okay yes perhaps I should say first off that I have been perfectly happy with the hosting and service at WordPress and have never had any problems.

I would have however like more control over how the blog is set up and more importantly how the links resolve back to my site and not

So after some searching, reading, checking and re-reading I have selected a host for my site and installed my own WordPress installation. It may even be worth doing a blog on this because it is quite a task in itself!

I will probably just delete the old blog  as there are only a few dozens entries. I will then over a period of time revisit the old entries and try to make them better before adding them here.

New Location moving to: