Failing the MCM Lab exam

Well I failed the MCM Lab exam which I spoke about last time.

The results came in 3 weeks so nice and quick.

In a few ways I am happy I failed as I didn’t feel like I deserved to pass on this attempt as my answers were not up to my own standard.

Plus if it were easy everyone would have an MCM, and I can honestly say all the people that I have met or spoken to who hold this certification certainly know their stuff.

I made some silly errors, which is annoying but was reasonably happy with the attempt.

I think if I am honest it was not the difficulty of the exam that I found most problematic, but an incorrect assumption of its content and what it is designed to test.

The experience has given me the areas needed to improve and with a bit of targeted revision I am confident it is an exam I could pass.

I am sorry if this post is a bit of a ramble I just wanted to make sure I wrote my initial thoughts down.

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  1. Jon, what did you find difficult about the exam? Obviously no specifics, but generally, was it the scenarios themselves that were out of your scope of reference, or was it more of a “failed to do it by-the-book” issue for you?
    For me, my biggest concern is that I will complete the scenario, but not do it in a way that satisfies the forensic engineers that will analyze my work. To be honest, I can work magic with a paperclip and duct tape!

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