Passed MCM Knowledge Exam 88-970

Well back in January I mentioned my plan to study towards the MCM certification. Well…

I passed 88-970… for those who want to know more read on.

I said I planned to take the exam in the summer maybe, and see how I went from there.

However after reading one of Brent Ozar’s articles on how to pass the sql mcm I thought to myself that the only true way to know if I am ready is to try the exam. So on the 17th March 2012 I went and sat the exam in the Cardiff Prometric centre.

I did think about posting this news last month, but to be honest I am a bit of a coward. It is one thing to lock yourself in a room and listen to the SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) Readiness Videos, but quite another to tell anyone that you are attempting to achieve an MCM. Much thanks to the very cool people at SQLSkills for making these videos as well as all the other material that you need to review in order to stand a chance at passing the exam.

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