Tidy Blog, lazyness and SQLBITS X

I said I would get round to moving some of the old content, and true to my word albeit several months later I have added the profiler/deadlocks posts. I know I should add new content, rather than repost older bits but I have been rather preoccupied with one thing and another.

I can tell you one reason for my rehash blog entries. That is the launch of SQL 2012 and my need to spend loads of time trying to break it find out what is new. In case any of you do not know SQL 2012 is out generally on the 1st April… yes that is right fools. (It is available on technet/msdn now!)

More exciting is that SQL BITS X as well as being excellent anyway, is also the official UK launch event. Yes I am going 🙂 well heading there friday night so I can be there nice and early for the saturday free day. Next year I am determined to get on the paid days as well!


SQLBits X is the official UK SQL Server 2012 Technical Launch Event.
29th – 31st March 2012
Novotel London West, London

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